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.30 cal. F.N. 152gr. M-61 A.P. (50ct.)


50ct., .30 cal.(.308 dia.), 152gr. M-61 Armor Piercing FMJ-BT bullets. Made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale. These bullets are hand-pulled with no marks. They have dual canalures for loading in either .308 Win. or .30-06. These bullets have true full-length, pointed, sub-caliber, hardened steel cores. These bullets have just recently become very hard to get. Once our current stock is gone there probably won't be anymore.

Note: These bullets have been put through our proprietary re-spec. process. First, we start with hand pulled bullets or surplus never loaded bullets. Next we put each bullet through a multi-stage cleaning and polishing process and lastly we re-apply the proper tip color. The result is a military bullet that is usually in better looking condition than when it first left the factory years ago.

Condition: Like New!

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