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Handgun Ammunition

NOTICE: Since beginning our national ad campaign it has become nearly impossible to keep our websites shelves stocked. If you would like a larger quantity or full case of a certain type of round please Disregard the Sold Out status and contact us via email at: or simply click the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page. Since we now manufacture most of the ammo that we sell we can make special runs even if the regular smaller amounts on our website are showing Sold Out.


UPDATE: As of 03-01-09, after many months of work we are pleased to announce that Deuce 45's, Inc. is now a Federally licensed manufacturer of small arms ammunition!


Here in our Handgun Ammunition section you will find only quality ammo for combat, defense and training use. As with our other products, the items offered here are only the products that we either personally make, know or use and can honestly say will get the job done.

Notice: Prices and availability of case lots of ammo are constantly changing. We will do our best but please bear in mind that some components we use are so rare that large orders are just not possible. We will consider each order on a case by case basis.

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