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NOTICE: Since beginning our national ad campaign it has become nearly impossible to keep our websites shelves stocked. If you would like a larger quantity or full case of a certain type of bullet please Disregard the Sold Out status and contact us via email at: or simply click the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page. Since we have developed more access in the industry we can make special purchases for individual order needs even if the regular smaller amounts on our website are showing Sold Out.


Dear Customers,

Let's face it; there's a lot of military pull-down junk bullets out there that need to be scrapped instead of shot. However, here in our bullet section you will find just about every military bullet type imaginable both new and pulled but you will find no JUNK.

Most of our pulled bullets (please read the individual bullet descriptions) are put through our unique re-spec. process. First, we start with hand pulled bullets if at all possible; however, some bullet types (such as .50 BMG A.P.) no longer exist in hand pulled form. If a bullet was machine pulled we re-size it first. Next we put each bullet through a multi-stage cleaning and polishing process and lastly we re-apply the proper tip color. The result is a military bullet that is as close to brand new as anyone can get today.

Best Regards,

R.P. Morton

President & CEO

Deuce 45's, Inc.

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